Gregg and Tamar In Belgium, Faun Returns to TV!

Enter The Faun returns to TV!

Tuesday, December 12th, 2017 @ 8 PM (7 PM Central)

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Streaming 12/13/17 – 3/13/18 @

Dear friends and supporters,

We are still marveling at how Enter The Faun continues to travel the world! We enjoyed San Francisco but we were so sorry to see how the fires destroyed so much.
More recently, we returned from the Extraordinary Film Festival in Belgium where we won the Prix RTBF Long-Metrage, an award that now gives us the opportunity to broadcast the Faun on Belgian television!
There were 60 films in the festival and they were all auto-described in French as a present from the festival. Gregg and Tamar met wonderful people and saw amazing films. We hope that this chance to be broadcast in Belgium becomes a gateway to the rest of Europe.
We look forward to upcoming screenings in Montreal and Ottawa.

Wishing everybody happy holidays!
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Celebrating after the awards ceremony!
Left to right: Genevieve Clay-Smith, Gregg Mozgala, Tamar Rogoff, Henry Smith
Gregg and Tamar receiving the Prix RTBF Long-Metrage
Gregg and Tamar at a filmmaker’s discussion roundtable
Gregg’s review of the national dish of Belgium, moulesfrites
More information about the Extraordinary Film Festival in the festival trailer:
Tamar was interviewed for an article in the October issue of Dance Teacher magazine:

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