“This is a deeply intimate and compelling story about the intersection of medicine and art, but it’s, also, at it’s core, a wonderfully unlikely buddy-movie. A choreographer and her muse, a performer with cerebral palsy, explore the realm of the body with courage, honesty, and diligence. Their intrepid work yields breath-taking surprises for them personally and the medical community at large and, like most worthwhile projects, arrives at answers that lead to ever-more questions.”

– Claire Danes, Actor and Dancer


“A remarkable story. Will be of great interest not just to dance enthusiasts but to those whose lives are touched by cerebral palsy.”

– John DeFore, The Hollywood Reporter



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Film features story of choreographer, dancer who beat all medical odds


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“Seeing what you have achieved with Gregg, the fluidity of his movements and his engagement with all of his body in his dancing, has given me a new sense of hope and opened my eyes to many opportunities and possibilities in the future. I hope that medical professionals around the world will see your film and see the progress that can be made when you think outside of what you are often taught about CP, that things won’t get worse but things won’t get better because a CP brain is rigid. Take on look at Gregg and it is obvious his nervous system is not rigid. One day I imagine your teachings and those like it will be apart of every CP’ers therapy.”

Robyn Lambird (Perth, Australia — Vlogger with CP)


“With the increased survival of preterm infants, due to medical advances, the numbers of kids with CP is increasing dramatically, so there was never a better time for the message you and Gregg have delivered.”

Leon Chaitow ( — Great Britain — ND, DO , MRO, author/editor of more than 70 books and founding Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Bodywork & Movement Therapies)


“I’ve met hundreds of children and adults with cerebral palsy, and similar disabilities. The work done by Gregg and Tamar is nothing short of revolutionary. I was always told CP was fixed, but now we know it isn’t…and that is great news. […] I was able to bring Gregg to Portland for our UCP Family Conference and he was a SUPERB keynote speaker. Everyone who heard him was inspired, lifted, and happy. I’m looking forward to sharing this movie with everyone I can; hosting screenings, etc., so therapists, families, and adults can learn about this groundbreaking work. Thanks you two!”

Susan Cushman (Family Support Director at United Cerebral Palsy of Oregon & Southwest Washington)