BernardRogoffandGaryPateInWheelchair 10inches

Tamar recently found this photo of her Dad from the 1960’s. She was shocked to see the confluence of their views.

Even way back then, her father is quoted: “The patients who do best, says Dr. Rogoff, are the ones who know the most about their disease…they learn from the staff and from each other.”

At the top corner of the article are a few dangling words from a sentence that is cut away: “…respect rather than pity them.”

From Tamar:

The moment my Dad shares with Gary Pate is so similar to many of the moments I shared with Gregg. What a glorious birthright and inheritance I have, being that doctor’s daughter!

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  • Margot

    This is so touching I nearly cried…beautiful Tamar! Thanks for posting! Like father like daughter!! I now happen to believe that you can have both academic(medical) knowledge of the body and an intuitive knowledge of the body(like dance) and if you combine both types of body knowledge in a balanced way you end up with something utterly gorgeous!


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