Tamar and I arrived in Valencia, Spain yesterday at the invitation of the fine people of Balletvale+, a local dance company founded by Esther Mortes. Balletvale+ started a dance program for young children with cerebral palsy in 2012 after Marcia Castillo, a local professor who’s young daughter has CP, saw the Good Morning America profile (which originally aired in 2009), about our work and Diagnosis Of A Faun.

We are thrilled that our work continues to have a global reach and are extremely excited about this international collaboration. What’s most exciting about what the team at Balletvale+ is doing, is that two physical therapists are part of the company and work consistently with the professional dancers and the young people with CP who participate in the program. This merging of these three worlds- dancers, medical (PT’s/doctors) and people with CP is something we are currently working towards in the New York Posse, and as of today is completely unheard of in the States. The fact that we can share our insights, about dance, the body and disability, with such a wide array of dedicated experts is a unique experience and a true gift for the both of us.

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Throughout the week, we will be teaching a series of classes, speaking at a local neurological foundation and presenting a screening of Enter The Faun- with Spanish subtitles! Ole!

We look forward to posting regularly while here, we’ll keep you updated on the work we’re up to and if there are any new findings.

Mas pronto y mucho amor,

Gregg & Tamar

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  • Kathy Yates

    This is very exciting and wonderful! You are doing amazing work. Keep it up!

  • Margot

    Ah, so this is why you ran off to Spain so quickly. I hope you and Tamar had a good trip in. I was wondering if it was Posse related. Sounds awesome! Especially the part about PT and dancing being mixed already. It’s about time! I’m not sure if I told you this story(my bad if I didn’t!! I just remembered it while reading this) but I had one Physical Therapist that liked to dance so we tried to do a little routine with the Elvis song “Little Less Conversation” and he taught me how to balance my crutches above my head like a dancer normally would with their arms. I’m not sure how this one time dance effected my alignment at the time since I was only 9 or so and had none of the awareness that I have now. I wish they had focused on my alignment and told me how my body parts were connected more. Anyway all PTs should be able to do something like what these kids in Spain are doing rather easily. I think our work is very child friendly if explained in a simple manner. The images would be something kids would love. Children already make up images like that themselves. Glad to see the documentary has already been subtitled into other languages. That will provide more opportunity to have it screened. Even though my Spanish is horrible I can actually understand the synopsis on the flyer LOL. Looking forward to hearing more! Miss you.

  • Kathy

    So sorry to have missed meeting you Gregg and Tamar. My daughter Loreto is in Esther’s class in Valencia, but it coincided that we came to NY (I’m from NY) to visit my family exactly at the same time you guys were going there. We are keeping in touch thru the pics they post, everyone looks so happy! Thank you for coming!

    • Gregg Mozgala

      Esther mentioned Loreto was in New York, and we are sorry to miss her (and you) here in Valencia. However, we both live there and you all should feel free to keep in touch and let us know next time you are in town. We would love to get together with you both if possible. Hope all is well and talk soon I hope.


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