Amrit Otal

Amrit Otal is born and raised in California and is a recent East Coast transplant. She completed her B.A. in Communication Studies with an emphasis in Mass Media from the University of California, Los Angeles and is currently a graduate student at LIM College working toward her MBA in Entrepreneurship and Fashion Management. Amrit was born 3 months premature and has a mild form of cerebral palsy or invisible CP. She has had heel cord lengthening surgery as a child and although her CP typically goes unnoticed by passersby, Amrit strives to push her boundaries and live an active lifestyle. She feels strongly that children and adults alike have a right to understand their bodies and be in tune with its unique intricacies. She believes open dialogue centering on CP topics is the first step toward giving those with CP and their healthcare providers greater insight on how to maximize and develop their abilities. Other things Amrit feels strongly about include films & television (specifically early 90’s sitcoms and Bollywood), good food, good people, and good shoes. Her future plans include launching her own women’s footwear brand.