Part 2 of taped interviews between myself and Tamar which took place in January 2010. T & G – 2  T:      Sometimes we go into similar states in the work – Gregg and I – and sometimes we just get nasueas, exhausted; whatever he gets, I get. And today we got exhausted and I think it was from – we tried to find the place between the shin and the calf – the midpoint and

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Enter The Faun will have a national broadcast on March 28th as part of PBS/World Channel's award-winning series, America Reframed. You can view the trailer here- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohD71Y_eoOo&feature=youtu.be As we reach what feels like an amazing culmination of the work we started over eight years ago, I find myself reflecting more and more on our experience and the works continuing impact. Nobody can say it better then ourselves. Below is the beginning of  two taped interviews

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BernardRogoffandGaryPateInWheelchair 10inches

Tamar recently found this photo of her Dad from the 1960's. She was shocked to see the confluence of their views. Even way back then, her father is quoted: "The patients who do best, says Dr. Rogoff, are the ones who know the most about their disease...they learn from the staff and from each other." At the top corner of the article are a few dangling words from a sentence that is cut away: "...respect

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Enter The Faun made it's European premier tonight en CINES ABC PARK in Valencia, Spain. We couldn't be happier and are forever grateful for our hosts and the sponsors that made this all possible. Nos Encantamos, Gregg & Tamar Vamanos Mujeres! I don't want to miss the previews!   Mira! That's our film up there! Tamar & Gregg give an interviewed for Spanish Television The dancers from Balletvale+ and our Ballerinos friends from yesterday who came

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History makes one aware that there is no finality in human affairs; there is not a static perfection or an unimproveable wisdom to be achieved. -Bertrand Russell The worlds of dance, disability and medicine came together in a wonderful way today. Tamar, myself and the dancers of Balletvale+ visited Valencia's premier's dance company, Generalitat Valenciana. With any traditional dance company, the professional dancers would have taught the dancers with disabilities, but the work that Tamar

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A few weeks ago in Tamar's class, Tamar started off the class by asking us where in our body we felt tight or stiff. I mentioned my feet, someone else mentioned their lumbar area and a third person said, their brain. We laughed, and then the laughter stopped. In the spirit of the class and following Tamar's lead, we began an hour and a half exploration of the brain as if it were just another

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