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Tamar recently found this photo of her Dad from the 1960's. She was shocked to see the confluence of their views. Even way back then, her father is quoted: "The patients who do best, says Dr. Rogoff, are the ones who know the most about their disease...they learn from the staff and from each other." At the top corner of the article are a few dangling words from a sentence that is cut away: "...respect

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It has been an exciting week for Enter The Faun! We had our New York City premiere at the Margaret Mead Film Festival, and also screened at the Washington West Film Festival and FilmColumbia. Also, earlier in the month, we won the Audience Favorite award at the Footcandle Film Festival in Hickory, North Carolina! Tamar, Daisy, and Véronique celebrate with the dinosaurs at Margaret Mead Friend and Faun supporter, Gordon Yip with Gregg at Margaret

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Dear Friends,We are beyond excited to announce that our New York premiere of Enter The Faun will be at the Margaret Mead Film Festival at 12:00 PM on October 25th, at the American Museum of Natural History. We hope our New York fans and supporters will be there to celebrate with us. Information and tickets here (on sale September 16th): Gregg and I will be at the Footcandle Film Festival in Gregg’s hometown of Hickory,

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Merri Standing On Chair

I have been taking Tamar's movement/dance/laboratory class for about ten years. I stopped going in 2011 when I developed a neurological disorder called truncal dystonia. I was barely able to walk and experienced a pulling feeling as if a cumberbund was being tightened around my waist. This feeling was severe and made me bend at the middle as if I was going to pick something up off the floor. I started seeing Tamar privately and

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Robyn Lambird at the 2014 Junior National Wheelchair Basketball Championships

An update from our Australian Posse leader Robyn Lambird: Robyn Lambird (center) at the 2014 Junior National Wheelchair Basketball Championships Since first seeing the trailer for Enter the Faun I have been immensely intrigued by the techniques used by Tamar and Gregg. From then on I have read multiple books and watched countless talks on neuroplasticity and have found myself more and more invested in learning about this little old brain of mine. So needless

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New York Posse member Christine Bruno: I know I had a breakthrough last week and really want to keep investigating with our posse and work toward a plan that keeps me on track between our meetings. I have been realizing the past few months - especially at last week's meeting - that I need to make this work a priority NOW! Note from Tamar: Christine was working with Gregg and Shawn Shafner, our newest Posse

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Enter The Faun Sarasota Film Festival Selection

I am thrilled to announce that Enter The Faun will premiere on April 15th and 18th at the Sarasota Film Festival in Florida. The team is terribly excited as you can imagine. Gregg and I will travel to Sarasota and do workshops and outreach activities.  We will also celebrate the whole team's achievements to have gotten us this far!  Thanks to all of you who have helped along the way these 8 long years.  More soon from sunny

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Jessy Yates and Tamar Rogoff at the March 2015 NYC Cerebral Posse Meeting

I’m wondering about the role of empathy in healing. Is it true that scientists/doctors fear empathy because it may obscure the diagnosis/treatment process? Emotions might come in and we all know how unwieldy emotions can be—so it follows that getting to know your patient intimately might be a bad thing because you then could get confused on the scientific path. For me the empathy (I admit to being the empathy queen) sends me to the

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