Portland, Oregon

My name is Margot Cole. I have mild Spastic Cerebral Palsy. I met Gregg Mozgala in March 2008 when he performed in “Romeo & Juliet” and we started doing bodywork together once a week for many years. I was Gregg’s first student. I watched Gregg’s body transform and had many of the same transformations happen in my own body. I met Tamar in person when Gregg performed in “Diagnosis of a Faun”. Then in 2010, in an email Gregg and Tamar told me about a girl who was 2 years older than me,lived in Oregon, and had Cerebral Palsy named Marie Blanchard. She had seen the news clippings about “Diagnosis of A Faun” and contacted Tamar. Marie and I began a long distance friendship together over Skype. We would write about our bodies together. Marie even came to New York to visit me a few times. Then in 2013, Marie introduced me to another friend of hers named Nirvana Fairbanks who also had Cerebral Palsy. Thus began our journey as Left Coast Posse. We would have very long Skype talks together where we would discuss things like CP, surgery,fear,and our lives in general. We formed a unique bond. Nirvana and Marie found their own bodywork teacher in Oregon who they work with regularly. Nirvana and I often write long detailed notes about our bodywork sessions. Marie usually will describe her sessions to me verbally. We are honored to be a part of “Enter The Faun” and we hope our Posse will inspire others to love their bodies, and empower them to make their needs known.